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Hull Jazz Bands past & present (Bands active 2022 in Bold)

The vast majority of bands listed are prefixed by The, which is dropped here for ease of alphabetical listing.

Instrument Abbreviations: banjo bnj, bass guitar bs gtr, clarinet clnt, double bass dbs, drums dms, guitar gtr, keyboards kbds, percussion perc, piano pno, alto saxophone as, baritone saxophone bs, soprano saxophone ss, tenor saxophone ts, trombone tbn, trumpet tpt, vocals vcls. More unusual instruments given full spelling. Replacement musicians indicated (rpl.)     To submit accurate additional information please use the Contact page.

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1980s) Joe Martin violin, Samantha Thompson clnt, Steve Pinnock 1st gtr, Richard Scott/Pete Jack /Mike Meakin gtrs, 

Nigel Bartram pno, Steve Lee dbs, Mike Glew dms

Al Jenner's Jazz Band (1950s) Al Jenner Cornet, Bill Croft clnt, Alan ‘Drool’ Walker tbn, Eric Dobson bnj (rpl Phil Schultz bnj?)

Brian ‘Drag’ Kirby dbs, Eddie Anderson dms

Al Jenner Mainstream Band (1950s -60s) Al Jenner tpt, Geoff Woodhouse clnt, Ken Keats tbn, Gordon Findlay pno, Colin Lilley dbs,

Don Murray dms

Al Jenner's Jazz Quintessence (1960s - 70s) Al Jenner tpt/flugelhorn, Ted Tarling ts/clnt, Ron Burnett tbn,

All What Jazz (2010) Paul Taylor tbn, Martin Jones tpt, Matthew Smith as, Pete Minns ss/ts, Nigel Bartram kbs, Dave Ellis dbs/tuba,

Garry Hammond perc, Keith Stutt dms.

Bay City Jazz Band (1950s) Mick Pyne tpt, Graham Galtrey clnt (rpl Geoff Woodhouse clnt), Chris Pyne tbn, Barry Monahan gtr, Gerry Rollinson, pno,

Denis Aylwyn dbs, Ron Dunn dms

Bell Band (2010s) Charles Appleyard tpt, John Welford clnt/as/ts Wilson Heppelthwaite tbn, Dave Peacock, bnj, Terry Swanborough dbs,

Mike Wilson dms

Big River Band (2000s -10s)) Bernie Robinson tpt, (rpl. Charles Appleyard) Bob Penwarn clnt, (rpl Fred Everett) Frank Baker tbn, Ken Ford bnj,

Les Jordan dbs, Thurstan Binns dms

Blackshaw Band (1960s) Colin ‘Spiv’ Chapman tpt, Bob Penwarn clnt (rpl Trevor Hardy, clnt/ts) Bill Cater tbn, Joyce Cater pno, Ken Ford bnj,

Alan Blackshaw dbs, Brian Vincent dms

Blacksmiths Trevor Hickson tpt, Lennie Rangeley ts, Alan Harmer pno, Dennis Aylwin dbs, Eric Wright dms

Blind Lemon’s Hot Five (2000s -10s) Bernie Robinson, tpt, (rpl Colin Moore tpt), John ‘Blind Lemon’ Holborn clnt/ts/ss, Paul Walsh  gtr/bnj,

Dave Ellis  dbs/tuba (rpl Albert Harrison dbs) + Brian Williams vcls/harmonica/washboard

Blue Brass (1980s - 90s) David Gambe tpt, Alan Whittle as, Peter Barnicutt ts/ss, Mike Palfreyman ts/ss, Marion Grimes ts, John Robinson tbn,

Geoff Womark kbds/tbn, Ian 'Rolf' McWalter bs gtr, (rpl Dave Ellis bs/tuba), Thurstan Binns dms (rpl Jon Smith dms) + Karin I'Anson vcls

Bob Wallis Jazz Band (early 1950s) Bob Wallis cornet, Keith ‘Avo’ Avison tbn, (rpl Alan 'Drool' Walker tbn) Cyril Stork clnt, Jim Stork as,

(rpl John ‘Blind Lemon’ Holborn clnt) Brian Payne pno, John Collinson bnj, Brian ‘Drag’ Kirby dbs, Tony ‘Guts’ Grunhill dms

Bob Wallis & his Storyville Jazzmen (1950s - 60s Moved to London in 1954.) Bob Wallis tpt, Cyril Stork clnt, (rpl Doug Richford), Keith ‘Arvo’ Avison tbn, Hugh Rainey bnj, gtr, Pete Gresham, pno, Brian 'Drag' Kirby dbs, Peter 'Ginger!' Baker dms, (rpl Kenny Buckner dms)

Bossa Revista Lyn Acton vcls, Dave Gawthorpe gtr, Andy Swift dbs, Mark Knight dms

Burgundy Band (1950s - 60s) Ted Blackshaw tpt, Bob Penwarn clnt, Bill Cater tbn, Joyce Cater pno, Ken Ford bnj Tony ‘Guts’ Grunhill dms

Broken Orchestra

Chris Legg Quartet Chris Legg kbs, Isaac Draper gtr, Lewis kennedy bs, Alan Drever-Smith dms.

Climax Jazz & Blues Band Charles Appleyard tpt/vcls, John ‘JJ’ Jacobsen clnt/as, (rpl Howard Brears clnt/ts) Paul Sharpless tbn, Dave Peacock bnj/gtr, Dave Ellis, dbs, Ralph Ibbotson dms (rpl Pete Robinson dms 2023, rpl Colin Prosser)

Crescent City Band (1950s) Al Jenner tpt, Billy Croft clnt, Alan’ Drool’ Walker tbn, Eric Dobson bnj Brian ‘Drag’Kirby dbs, Eddie Anderson dms

Dangerous Kitchen (1980s -90s) Richard Hardy tpt/flugelhorn, Pete Minns ss/ts, Dave Hardy tbn, Pete Cox gtr,  Chris Whitely bss gtr,

(rpl. John Cox), Martin Hyde dms.

Delta Jazz Band (2000s -10s) Brian Robson tpt, Roy Bullock clnt/as, Stan Wright tbn, Tony ‘Banjo’ Walters or Ray Cooper bnj/gtr, Dave Ellis dbs,

Tony O’Connor dms

Dukes Trevor Hickson tpt, Bob Penwarn clarinet, Dave Peacock, banjo, Martin Beadle, drums

East Coast Jazzmen (1960s - 80s) Dave Mitchell tpt, John ‘Blind Lemon’ Holborn clnt, Bill Cater tbn, Joyce Cater pno, Ken Ford bnj, Harry Ball, dbs,

Keith Stutt dms

East Riding Society Syncopators (2000s - 10s) Chris Stubbs tpt/vcls, John ‘Blind Lemon’ Holborn clnt/as (rpl John 'JJ' Jacobsen)

Paul Sharpless tbn, Terry Swanborough bnj,  Vince Turton sousaphone/tuba

Eclectic 4 Matthew Smth ts/as

E.C.T. (1980s) Andy Tomlinson as/ss/perc, Pete Cox ss/gtr/perc, Dave Ellis dbs/bs gtr/bouzouki/perc

Fear of Bicycles (2010s) Pete Cox gtr, Graham Beck kybds, Ian Halstead bs, Martin Hyde dms + Pete Minns ss/ts

Frank Cleveland Orchestra (1980s-2010s) Big band latterly based at the Springhead Inn, Anlaby.

Freedom Rhythm Aces (1950s) Modern jazz ensemble formed by military musicians based at Beverley Barracks

Harry Chatterton's Dixielanders (1960s) Trevor Hickson tpt, Ed Snowdon clrnt, Harry Chatterton tbn, Bill Atkins, pno, Bert Boots, dbs,

Eric White dms.

Hull Big Band Contemporary big band formed in 2015.  Directed by Richard Sleight

Hulljazz House Band Hulljazz Players Night trio with numerous accompanists over many years. Currently Paul Rogers kbds, Dave Short bs gtr, Pete Robinson dms

Hull Rhythm Society ‘jam sessions’ band (1946). Tom Sykes tpt, Billy Clutterbuck tpt, Les Horncastle clnt, Harry Chatterton tbn, Ted Barker pno, Ted Southern el gtr, Frank Wade/Jimmy Lucas dbs, Alf Joliff dms

Hull University Big Band Ongoing student ensemble with ever changing line-up and musical directors.

Humberside Bluesicians (1970s) Trevor Hickson trumpet, Graham Galtrey clnt, Ray Fletcher ts, Jack Duffy valve tbn, Mike Gordon piano, Ken Ford dbs, Brian Thompson dms

Jack Daniels & His Lions Hull’s first jazz band formed in the 1920s

Jackpot & The Bandits (1980s) Pete Minns ts/ss, Pete Cox gtr, Martin Glover kybds, John Cox bs gtr, Keith Stutt dms

Jazz Aesthetic University of Hull music department student band directed by Dr Peter Elsdon

Jazz Diplomats (1960s) Mike Pyne tpt/piano, Bob Curry as, Graham Pinkney valve tbn, Gerry Rollinson vibraphone, Col Lilley dbs, Ron Dunne dms

Jazz Generation (1980s) Trevor Hardy ts/clnt, Peter Adamson ts, Richard Hardy tpt/flugelhorn, David Hardy tbn, Martin Glover kbds, Peter Fenton bs, Freddie Ashworth dms

JazzKompakt (2000s) Nigel Bartram pno, Dave Ellis dbs, Pete Robinson dms

Jazz Makers Collective Sean Miller pno, Jenni Molloy dbs, Chris Sykes dms

Jazz P'zazz (2000s -10s) New Orleans style parade band led by Ken Ford bnj

Jazz Soup (1990s) Rob Barron kbds, Tim Keech gtr, Andy Swift dbs/bs gtr, Dave Keech dms + Martin Jones tpt/vcls + Lyn Acton vcls

Jazz Vehicle (1970s - 80s) Rehearsal big band directed by Steve Marshall/Alf Stephenson

Kingston Jazz Ensemble

Kingston Jazzmen Colin 'Spiv' Chapman tpt,

Kirchin Band (The Ivor Kirchin Orchestra) Led by Ivor Kirchin. Residency at the Mecca Locarno Ballroom, Ferensway, Hull  1961-69

Late Night Marauders Ruth Scott vcls, James Wood kbds/vcls, James North bs gtr, Tom Small dms, Simon Neligan tpt, Pete Robinson tbn

Laurena Flax/Mad Dog Jazz Band (2000s) Laurena Flax vcls, Martin 'Mad Dog' Jones tpt/vcls, Paul Rogers kbds, Dave Ellis dbs,

Wayne Porter dms

Mad Dog & The Sophisticats Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Jones tpt/vcls, Mike Bird, clnt, Matthew Smith ts, Tim Keech gtr/bnj, Vince Turton sousaphone or Andy Swift dbs.

Martin Jones Trio Martin Jones tpt/vcls, Dave Gawthorpe gtr, Andy Swift dbs/bs gtr

Maxwell Daniels Band

Midways (or Midrobe) Quintet (1970s) Trevor Hardy  ts/clnt, Bill Cater tbn, Joyce Cater pno ( rpl by Gordon Findley pno), Ken Ford guitar/dbs,

Brian Thompson dms

Mike Brown’s Swing Band

Mike Gordon Quartet Mike Gordon pno,

Milner- Marshall Trio (1960s - 70s) Brian Milner pno, Dave Milner dbs, Jimmy Marshall dms + Alf Rivetts ts

Mississippi Dixielanders (2000s)  Colin Moore tpt,John Holborn clnt, Andy Mowbray gtr, Alan Harmer kybd, Dave Ellis dbs, Wayne Nichols dms

rpl. Thurstan Binns)

New Dixieland Kings (1960s - 70s) Dave Mitchell tpt, Graham Galtrey clnt, Ken Storey ts, Harry Chatterton tbn, Bill Cater dbs, Brian Thompson dms

19-19 Jazz Band  (1970s - 2000s) Geoff Boanas cornet, John Bottery clnt/as, Alan Hunter tbn, John Whitehead bnj, Dave Ellis dbs,

(rpl Frank Williams), Pete Wilkinson dms

Octopus  (2010s) Keith Parker tpt/leader, John Mallinder as, Cliff Williams ts, Dennis Proby baritone sax, Paul Sharpless tbn/vcls, Frank Harrison pno,

Martin Shaw bss gtr, Peter Parker dms

Paragon Jazz Band (1960s) Colin ‘Spiv’ Chapman tpt, Trevor Hardy clnt/ts, Bill Cater tbn, Joyce Cater pno, Dave Tanton bnj

Paul Shepherdson Band (1960s) Wilf Moran tpt, Ted Tarling clnt/ts, Paul Shepherdson dms

Penwarn Five Bob Penwarn clnt

Phoenix Jazz Band (1950s) Chez Chesterman cornet, Johnny Scarborough clnt, Ron Burnett, tbn, Chris Morris, bnj, Ray Wilson, pno, Ivor Bowen tea chest bass, Mike Heep, dms

Project 33 Director: Matthew Smith ts, Martin Jones tpt, Stephen Unsworth bs, Steve Spamer as, Gary Hammond perc, Alan Drever-Smith perc.

Port of Hull Jazz Band (1950s - 60s) Geoff Boanas tpt, Don Fennington clnt, Colin Lilley tbn/dbs AL Jenner bnj, John Marshall pno,

Eddie Anderson gtr/dms

Rev Ray Trio (1990 - 2000s) Ray Eveleigh, pno, Tom Williams, bs, Pete Robinson, drums

Riverside Jazzmen (1960s - 70s) Geoff Boanas cnt, John ‘Blind Lemon’ Holborn clnt, K. Keats tbn, Al Bateman, bnj, Mike Gordon pno, M. West dbs,

C. Allgood dms

Rob Law Trio Rob Law kbds, Paul Baxter dbs (rpl George Beastall dbs/elec bs) Kris Wright dms (rpl Alan Drever-Smith dms)

Route de Django Phil Dolan gtr, Rob Winder gtr, George Beastall dbs + Gabby Dolan vcls

Seadogs Jazz Band (2010s) Charles Appleyard tpt, J.J. Jacobsen clnt/as, John Marcroft tbn, Dave Peacock bnj, Terry Swanborough dbs,

Ralph Ibbotson dms

Society Jazz Band (1980s - 90s) Colin Moore tpt, Bob Penwarn clnt, Paul Sharpless tbn, Clive Cross bnj, Albert Harrison dbs, Pete Robinson dms

SPACE Martin Jones tpt/vcls, Matthew Smith as, Dan Edwards gtr, George Beastall, bs

Teddy Barker Band (1960s) Kay Garner vcls, Teddy Barker pno, Gerry Rollinson vibes, Vic Cheesman gtr, Noel Flint dbs/bs gtr, Ron Dunn dms

Tivoli Jazz Band

Trevor Bottomley Quintette (1980s) Alf Rivet ts, Baz Hewland vibes, Trevor Bottomley pno, Martin Shaw bs gtr, Paul Shepherdson dms

Trombone Poetry (2010s) Paul Taylor tbn, Pete Minns ts, (rpl Matthew Smith ts) Peter Elsdon, kbds, John Marley, dbs, Garry Hammond perc, Keith Stutt dms (rpl Alan Drever-Smith dms)

Tuba Dudes Chris Stubbs tpt/gtr/vcls Graeme Appleton tpt/gtr/vcls, Paul Sharpless tbn, Vince Turton Tuba, Bryan Ward dms

2 -19 Band original line-up: (1950s) Colin Thompson cnt, Ted Blackshaw tpt, Keith Smith clnt, Glen Gibb tbn, J. Abbey bnj (rpl Dave Tanton bnj) Dennis Aylwin dbs, Brian Tompson dms

2-19 Band (1950s -60s) Chez Chesterman tpt, Keith ‘Shunt‘ Smith clnt, Ted Blackshaw pno, (rpl Mike Gordon pno) Glen Gibb tbn, Ken Ford bnj, Johnnie Kerr dbs, Tony ‘Guts’ Grunhill dms (Al Potton & Colin 'Spiv' Chapman occasional trumpet deps)

Unity Jazz Band  (1950s - 60s) Alan Peacock tpt, Billy Croft clnt, (rpl Tony Dugdale clnt), Ron Burnett tbn, Ted Lewis pno, Eric Dobson bnj,

(rpl Ricky Tanton bnj, rpl Clive Cross bnj) Norman Wilson dbs, Brian Thompson dms, (rpl Paul Shepherdson dms)

Viewing Point (1980s) Martin Jones tpt, Pete Minns ts/ss, Martin Glover kbds, Phil Wain bs gtr, Chris Jones dms + Darren Squires perc.

Warts'n'All Stars (1990s) Pete Minns ts/ss, Graham Beck kbds, Dave Ellis electric stick bass, Ross Moore dms/Octopad

Woodhouse Band (1950s - 60s) Kay Garner vcls, Al Jenner tpt, (rpl Dave Mitchell tpt), Geof Woodhouse clnt, Ron Burnett tbn, Mick Pyne pno, Noel Flint dbsRonnie Dunn dms

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