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Musicians  A - Z

A far from comprehensive list of local musicians & performers old and new, ancient and modern! Those currently active are shown in bold. Where there is an internet link available it will be highlighted. To submit further additions please use the Contact page with up to date accurate information


Acton, Lyn vocalist

Anderson, Eddie guitar/drums

Appleyard, Charles trumpet/vocalist

Avison, Keith 'Avo' trombone

Aylwin, Denis double bass


Baker, Kenny, 1921-99 trumpet. Born Withernsea, played with local dance bands until moving to London.

Barron, Norman trumpet

Barron, Rob piano/keyboards Currently London-based.

Bartram, Nigel  piano/cello

Baxter, Paul double bass

Beastall, George double bass/bass guitar 

Binns, Thurstan drums

Blackshaw, Alan double bass

Blackshaw, Ted  trumpet

Boanas, Geoff cornet/band leader

Bottomley, Trevor piano

Brown, Mike trumpet/band leader

Burnett, Ron trombone


Cameron, Roger piano

Carnazza, John double bass/piano

Cash, Bernie double bass

Cater, Bill trombone/double bass

Cater, Joyce piano

Chapman, Colin ‘Spiv’ trumpet 

Challis, Dave clarinet/tenor saxophone

Chatterton, Harry trombone

Chesterman, Chez trumpet

Cleveland, Frank clarinet/alto saxophone/band leader

Clutterbrook, Billy trumpet

Collinson, John banjo/piano

Cook, Geoff tenor/soprano saxophones

Cox, Pete guitar

Croft, Bill clarinet

Curgenven James clarinet/bass clarinet/alto saxophone/flute

Curry, Bob alto saxophone


Daniels, Jack clarinet/piano/band leader

Daniels, Maxwell trumpet/band leader 

Desforges, Ray saxophones

Dobson, Eric banjo

Drever-Smith, Alan drums/percussion

Dugdale, Tony clarinet

Dunn, Ron drums


Edwards, Dan guitar

Elsdon, Peter piano

Ellis, Dave double bass/tuba

Brian Epp drums

Eveleigh, 'Rev-Ray' Ray piano


Findlay, Gordon piano

Flint, Noel bass

Ford, Dave alto & tenor saxophones

Ford, Ken 1938-2016 bass guitar/banjo

Francis, Maureen 'Mo' vocals


Galtrey, Graham clarinet

Garner, Kaye vocalist

Gawthorp, Dave guitar

Getz, Ruth vocalist

Gibb, Glen trombone

Gillyett, Gary guitar

Gordon, Mike piano

Grunhill, Tony drums


Hammond, Gary percussion

Harmer, Alan piano

Harrison, Albert double bass

Harrison, Frank piano

Hardy, Trevor clarinet/tenor saxophone

Hardy, David trombone

Hardy, Richard trumpet

Heap, Mike drums

Hewland, Baz vibraphone

Hickson, Trevor trumpet/band leader

Holborn, John ‘Blind Lemon’ 1932 - 2021 clarinet/tenor & soprano saxophones/band leader

Hopkin, John piano

Holborn, Matt violin  Now London based

Hunter, Alan trombone

Martin Hyde drums


Jacobsen, John ‘J.J.’ clarinet/alto saxophone

Jenner, Al trumpet/band leader  1932? -1986

Jones, Martin trumpet/band leader

Jordan, Les double bass


Keech, Tim guitar/banjo

Keith, Donny vocalist

Kennington, Don tuba

Kilvington, Al ‘Kilvo’ piano

Kilvington, Lewis guitar

King, Mike trumpet/flugelhorn

Kirby, Brian ‘Drag’ double bass

Kirchin, Ivor band leader

Kirchin, Basil drums/composer


Law, Rob piano/keyboards

Lewis, Ted piano/author

Lilley, Colin trombone/bass


Mallinder, John saxophones

Miller, Sean piano

Milner, Dave double bass/bass guitar

Minns, Peter clarinet/tenor & soprano saxophones

Mitchell, Dave trumpet

Molloy, Jenni double bass/cello 

Moore, Colin trumpet

Moran, Wilf trumpet




Parker, Keith  trumpet  

Peacock, Alan, cornet 

Peacock, Andy  trombone 

Peacock, David  banjo/tenor guitar 

Penwarn, Bob  clarinet 

Pinkney, Graham  trombone/vibraphone

Price, Ernie  double bass

Pyne, Chris  trombone/piano 

Pyne, Mike  trumpet/piano



Rangeley, Lenny  saxophones  

Riley, Leon  vocalist 

Rivetts, Alf  tenor saxophone

Robinson, Pete  drums   

Rogers, Paul  piano  

Rollinson, Gerry  piano


Sharpless, Paul  trombone/tuba  

Shaw, Martin bass guitar

Short, Dave bass guitar

Shepherdson, Paul  drums 

Smeaton, Bob piano/Hammond organ  

Smith, Eric piano  

Smith, Keith ‘Shunt’ clarinet 

Smith, Matthew alto & tenor saxophones/composer

Stephenson, Alf  trumpet

Stevens, Harry  keyboards

Stevens, Kenny  piano 

Stork, Cyril clarinet  

Stork, Jim alto saxophone  

Stubbs, Chris trumpet/guitar/vocals

Stutt, Keith  drums 

Swanborough, Terry  banjo/double bass 

Swift, Andy  double bass/electric bass guitar

Sykes, Chris  drums


Tarling, Ted 1938-2004 clarinet/saxophones

Taylor, Paul  trombone  London-based

Thompson, Dave  banjo

Turton, Vince tuba/trombone


Unsworth, Stephen ‘Calvin’ (aka Dustin Kitsch) alto/tenor/baritone saxophones


Vigers, Tallulah drums/percussion  

Vyse, Mike  clarinet


Walker, Alan ‘Drool’ trombone

Wallis, Bob 1934-92 trumpet/band leader. Born Bridlington. Led local band before heading to London 

Ward, Bryan drums

Welford, John  clarinet/saxophones/trumpet 

Wellard, Gordon  drums/bandleader. Now living in London

Whitehead, John  banjo  

Wilkin, Roy drums  

Williams, Cliff clarinet/saxophones

Wood, Colin  piano 

Woodhouse, Geof clarinet 

Wright, Eric drums 

Wright, Kris drums




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