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Musicians by Instrument (including Band Leaders & Vocalists)

Local musicians & performers old and new. Those currently active are shown in bold. Where there is an internet link available it will be highlighted.

Band Leaders

Boanas, Geoff  The 19:19 Band  cornet 

Brown, Mike  The Mike Brown Swing Band  trumpet      

Cleveland, Frank  The Frank Cleveland Orchestra  alto saxophone

Daniels, Jack  Jack Daniels and his Lions  clarinet/piano     (Hull's first jazz band formed in the 1920s)            Daniels, Max  The Max Daniels Band  trumpet 

Hickson, Trevor  The Dukes Jazz Band  trumpet

Holborn, John  (1932-2021) Blind Lemon's Hot Five/The East Coast Jazzmen  clarinet                                

Kirchin, Ivor (1905-1997)The Kirchin Band

Sleight, Richard Director of Hull Big Band

Stephenson, Alf Jazz Vehicle  trumpet

Wallis, Bob (1934-1991) The Storyville Jazzmen  trumpet


Aylwin, Denis  double bass

Baxter, Paul  double bass  

Beastall, George  double bass/electric bass                               

Carnazza, John  double bass/piano  

Cash, Bernie (1935 -1988) double bass                                                            

Ellis, Dave  double bass/tuba

Ford, Ken (1942-2016) bass guitar/banjo 

Harrison, Albert  double bass 

Jordan,Les  double bass 

Milner, Dave  double bass/electric bass 

Kirby, Brian ‘Drag’  double bass

Molloy, Jenni  double bass/cello 

Shaw, Martin  electric bass

Short, Dave electric bass

Swift, Andy  double bass/electric bass

Drummers (inc. Percussionists)

Binns,Thurstan  drums 

Drever-Smith, Alan drums/percussion 

Hammond, Gary  percussion 

Hewland, Baz (1937-2015) vibraphone

Kirchin, Basil (1927-2005) drums/composer 

Robinson, Pete  drums 

Shepherdson, Paul  drums

Sykes, Chris  drums 

Stutt, Keith (1948-2014) drums 

Vigers, Tallulah drums/percussion

Ward, Bryan drums

Wellard, Gordon drums

Wright, Eric drums 

Wright, Kris drums

Guitarists & Banjo Players

Cox, Pete guitar  

Edwards, Dan guitar

Ford, Ken  banjo/bass guitar  

Gawthorp, Dave  guitar 

Gillyett, Gary  guitar  

Keech, Tim guitar/banjo

Kilvington, Lewis  guitar 

Peacock, David  banjo/tenor guitar 

Swanborough, Terry  banjo/double bass 

Whitehead, John  banjo 

Pianists (inc. Keyboards)

Barron, Rob  piano

Barton, Dave  piano

Bartram, Nigel  piano/cello

Cameron, Roger  piano 

Carnazza, John  piano/double bass 

Cater, Joyce  piano 

Elsdon, Peter  piano

Eveleigh, Rev-Ray' Ray piano

Findlay, Gordon  piano 

Harmer, Alan  piano/electric reeds 

Harrison, Frank  piano 

Hopkin, John piano

Hubbard, Rob  keyboards/alto saxophone/composer

Kilvington, Al ‘Kilvo’ piano  

Law, Rob  piano/composer

Legg, Chris  piano

Lewis, Ted (1940-1982) piano/author 

Miller, Sean  piano 

Rogers, Paul  piano

Stevens, Harry  keyboards

Saxophonists (inc. Clarinet)

Cleveland, Frank  alto saxophone/clarinet/band leader 

Cook, Geoff  tenor/soprano saxophones 

James Curgenven  clarinet/bass clarinet/alto saxophone/flute

Desforges, Ray  tenor saxophone 

Dugdale, Tony  clarinet

Galtrey, Graham  clarinet

Hardy, Trevor  tenor saxophone/clarinet  

Holborn, John ‘Blind Lemon’ (1932-2021) clarinet/saxophones 

Jacobsen, John ‘J.J.’  clarinet/ alto saxophone 

Mallinder, John  saxophones 

Minns, Peter  tenor/soprano saxophones/clarinet  

Penwarn, Bob  clarinet 

Rangeley, Lenny  saxophones  

Rivetts, Alf  tenor saxophone

Smith, Matthew  alto/tenor saxophones/composer 

Unsworth, Stephen (aka Dustin Kitsch) alto/tenor/baritone saxophones 

Welford, John  clarinet/soprano/tenor/baritone saxophones 

Woodhouse, Geof  clarinet 


Burnett, Ron  trombone 

Cater, Bill  trombone/double bass 

Chatterton, Harry  trombone

Jack Duffy valve trombone

Hardy, David  trombone

Hunter, Alan  trombone

Peacock, Andy  trombone 

Chris Pyne 1939-1995 trombone/valve trombone/piano

Sharpless, Paul  trombone/bass trombone/tuba

Taylor, Paul trombone

Walker, Alan 'Drool'  trombone

Wolmark, Geoff  bass trombone

Trumpet Players

Charles Appleyard trumpet/vocals 

Baker. Kenny (1921-99) trumpet/flugelhorn

Barron, Norman  trumpet 

Boanas, Geoff  cornet/band leader 

Brown, Mike trumpet/band leader 

Clutterbrook, Billy  trumpet 

Daniels, Max  trumpet/band leader 

Hardy, Richard  trumpet/flugelhorn 

Hickson, Trevor trumpet/vocals/band leader  

Jenner, Al  trumpet 

Jones, Martin  trumpet/vocals  

King, Mike  trumpet/flugelhorn

Mitchell, Dave  trumpet 

Moore, Colin  trumpet 

Moran, Wilf  trumpet 

Parker, Keith trumpet

Robinson, Bernie trumpet/cornet

Stephenson, Alf trumpet/band leader

Stubbs, Chris trumpet/guitar/vocals

Wallis, Bob (1934-91) trumpet/band leader


Acton, Lyn  vocals

Francis, Maureen 'Mo' vocals

Garner, Kay vocals

Getz, Ruth  vocals 

Keith, Donny  vocals  

Riley, Leon  vocals 

Williams, Brian  vocals/harmonica

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